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Violoncelle français 

now available!


"Highly eloquent performances of a French program...especially a striking account of Debussy’s Sonata that shows the talent of the Canadian Cheng² Duo. With long heartfully rendered singing lines, Bryan Cheng gives us proof of the often-heard assertion that the cello sounds more like the human voice than any other has the foremost impression that one has heard a very extraordinary cellist." 

"'Violoncelle Français' begins with an introverted and poetic, extremely imaginative and personal interpretation of the cello sonata by Claude Debussy. Most interpreters don’t play Debussy’s feeling with such audacity as this duo does, and not so often does one truly hear the expression of this sonata's experimentality...the often surprising tempo changes and the jarring entries always sound beautiful and refined. The exceptional French quality which Debussy had in mind is very present." 

—Pizzicato Magazine (Luxembourg) 

“An impressive debut recording…What was quite clear, after multiple listenings, was that this is an interpretation of the Franck Sonata to live with, and to return to frequently. This one work alone would make the recording a worthwhile acquisition, and then there are such riches in the rest of the programme as well.” 
—Large Stage Live! (Canada) 

“All of the pieces are very happy classical hits, but performed with such feeling and enthusiasm and dedication. All of a sudden, all the melodies you may have heard a thousand times regain their innocence and beauty.” 

—VPRO Vrije Geluiden (Netherlands) 

“the selected melodies and sonatas are stylish and sensitive, played by a duo that has listened to each other in a good way” 
—Rondo Magazin (Germany) 

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