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Portrait Album Cover.png

"The Canadian sibling duo Cheng² presents itself this time with a contemporary program. They begin with Portrait of an Imaginary Sibling by Canadian composer Dinuk Wijeratne (b. 1978), who was inspired by the Scherzo of Beethoven’s Third Cello Sonata and wrote an effective, highly original, sonically opulent and attractive piece, which the Duo plays brilliantly...Bryan Cheng is so technically assured that one can only marvel at this virtuosity on the cello."


 (5 stars)

— Pizzicato Magazine, Luxembourg


Russian Legends.jpg

"The siblings from Canada characterize themselves through a tremendous mastery of their instruments and all technical demands do not carry weight with them. But that's just the beginning.


Indeed the interpretations also fascinate with a range of expression and depth of presentation that really belongs to the finest. Bryan and Silvie Cheng perform with great feeling. This becomes clear, for example, in Shostakovich's sonata, which churns through the abysses of enduring human conditions, and which the two musicians also represent with overwhelming intensity. In doing so, they plumb the depths of dynamics in all directions. But they do not let a single moment go by without an ever cantabile playing with sensitively matured intonation.


So, they can be poetic, fiery, elegant, and introverted, whatever is necessary. Thus, they awaken the great Russian soul...with great intensity, but without sweet pathos. In this way they do justice to every character that these works demand."

— Pizzicato Magazine, Luxembourg


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"This second recital disc by the brilliant cello and piano 'Cheng Squared Duo', the Canadian siblings Bryan and Silvie Cheng, is an all-Spanish follow-up to their Violoncelle français album of 2016. Mostly transcriptions, the familiar items — including Falla’s Siete canciones populares españolas (the fifth, Nana, deeply if briefly expressive) and Albeniz’s Malagueña, from España — appear in fresh colours and afford much pleasure." 

— The Times, UK


debut album cover.png

"These are by any measure masterly performances - passionate, invigorating and wonderfully life-affirming…makes for very involving listening. The performance as a whole is tremendously ardent and virtuosic."

— MusicWeb International, UK

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